Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dr. OZ on Tea or "What he said!"

Hi All!
Been FOREVER and going a million miles a second, working hard to get fit and healthy. On that score, have you seen the newest Woman's World magazine?

Now, I am not a tabloid type person and usually if I'm looking at something in the check-out lane, it something that appeals to my homemaking endeavors, not the latest on this celeb's break-up or that celeb's kid (I'm still trying to figure out WHO in the WORLD is Justin Bieber and how does someone that young make that much money. I think he sings...right?)

Moving on...Woman's World seems to be in the in-between state, not tabloids, but kinda gimmicky.

Recently, though, the title of an article in Woman's World caught my attention, "Dr. OZ reveals: Drink Tea, Get SLIM! Lose Up to 200 LBS!" ~the 200 LBS bit is my case in point about the gimmicky, Blah!

That said (hangs head in shame), I've known about the wonderful, healthy, weight losing benefits of tea for a while. In fact, when I first fell in love with loose leaf tea, I actually lost 3.5 lbs. But because I was trying so many kinds, I wasn't really sure which were helping (since they ALL have such great benefits and those benefits are often very closely related, I didn't want to put it down until I knew.

Dr. Oz has helped me to know.

While, I strongly urge you to go get this months' Woman's World magazine. It's only two pages worth, but at $1.79, seems worth it to me with a tea cooler recipe I'm going to try, and yes, will share. (Not a big fan of ginger, hmmm)

Anyway, here are my thoughts below on how I may have shed some extra pounds...

The article mention's white tea. The white tea I enjoyed exclusively in the begining, was Teavana's Youthberry Tea. It is simply me. I've shared it with several friends...but they don't seem too "Wow'd" by it. So, I've been hesitant about DUEing it with you all. But given the new information on goes!

Youthberry is very citrusy/ with berry influences and a fantastic cold tea that's hands down the most refreshing drink I've ever had. I need to mention, at $20 for's pretty expensive, so I infuse it for all it's worth...and then some!

Yet, I didn't understand Youthberry tea, because although it's a white tea with an herbal mix (the least processed tea, thus usually the one with the least amount of caffeine) if I had a glass in the evening before bed, I'd be up all night . My husband too, who is a big coffee drinker (don't judge!) couldn't sleep.

Now, because of this Dr. Oz article, EUREKA!

White tea has other properties which increase your metabolism, (his article says up to 6%!) naturally and safely, without the side-effects of caffeine (jitters and restlessness). This is NOT like diet pills, it's not extreme, you're just very awake and up. BUT if you stop drinking it, and there's been no other changes in your diet or exercise, you guessed it, the pounds will creep back on...not as quickly though~ I had to go away on both a mini-vacation and a week long vacation of exceptional eating and Baker's Crust cookies with NO white tea, for it to come back.

The other true tea (that is with true tea properties from the Camellia Sinensis plant) mentioned is a Pu-erh tea (the most processed and the only fermented tea).

I've posted A TON about Pu-erh's, and even one of the "test" individuals mentioned one of my favorites, Teavana's Strawberry Pu-erh tea. Pu-erhs are very subjective and there are so many ways of enjoying them, that there is just as much of a chance of finding one you do like, as finding one you don't like. I suggest doing a blend first, which most of Teavana and Rishi vendor's with Pu-erh's are or seek out the higher quality Pu-erhs found in reputable tea shops! You'll be surprised by the variety available!

Two future posts I'll be expanding upon a particular white tea and pu-erh, see the teasers below!

1. White Grape White Tea ~ Everyone who tries it, loves it...even me, and I don't like grapes! (also going to share about the new, less expensive way to "process" white tea, getting more for your money!) Highlighting, too, the Raleigh, NC shop called "Tin Roof Teas" a virtual harem for the tea accessory lover in YOU!

2. a pure Pu-erh tea that comes from the leaves of 300-700 year old trees. I procured this from a tiny English tea shop I found at, of all places, Virginia Beach, Va! The shop is called Quintin's Tea Emporium! A true tea shop, focusing on, of all things, TEA! I found some true kindred spirits there and some amazing black teas!!! Also, I found the way they displayed and shared teas, exceptional!

Can't wait to share with you!

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  1. what are the ratios. I bought the magazine, ordered the tea and now can't find the magazine! Dang anyway.

  2. I pulled out the two pages by Dr. Oz and my daughter threw them out! Help. I have ordered the teas but don't know the recipe that he had on those pages.

  3. This must be epidemic! I can't find mine either!!! I'm sure it's here somewhere, but with piles of homeschool stuff to wade through...I'm sure it's in one of them :)I'll try to find it either on the WW home page or Dr. Oz. I'll post a link if I find it! Happy hunting!

  4. It's now May 31, 2013 and I KNOW I have this issue but I can't find mine either...I never throw out my magazines and there are hundreds, maybe thousands. Please help with the rations, etc.!